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Stock Bows

Welcome to my Stock bow page.  I will try to keep it updated.  Sometimes, I have stock bows built which are not yet pictured here.  Feel free to inquire about inventory that may not be listed here.
Here's how it works.   I will post 4-5 pictures of the same bows (3-4 at a time)  After the final picture, I will list the specs and the price.  You will need to scroll down through the pictures to get to the Specs and price.  Then I will post 4-5 pictures of the next set of bows and list the specs and price of those bows after the final picture.  Call or email if you have questions.  Thanks,  Chad

Specs for above 4 pictures.
Top bow:  64" 51# RH  Kodiak grip River Runner recurve  Bocote/Chechen riser,  Mango veneers on belly, Cherry veneers on back.  Bamboo core.  SOLD
2nd bow:  61" 30# RH Goshawk longbow  Bocote riser. spalted Mango limb veneers, bamboo core.  SOLD
3rd bow:  62" 52# RH Osprey longbow.  Bolivian Rosewood/Birds eye maple/leopardwood riser, cherry limb veneers, bamboo core.  SOLD
4th bow:  60" 50# RH Kodiak grip River Runner recurve  Bocote/Chechen riser Cherry limb veneers, bamboo core.  650.00

Here is something I have been working on this summer.  I'm redesigning the King Fisher longbow to make a more visually pleasing profile.  So far I have been pleased with the results.  These bows have long risers and short working limbs.  I have been and will be making several of these in the coming weeks.   I have decided to call this model the "Shrike".  The Shrike is a carnivorous bird that is known for their habit of catching insects and small vertebrates and impaling their bodies on sharp objects like thorns or barbs on fences.  It helps them eat the critter and makes it easy to return to it for a later meal.  I thought it was fitting....

Specs and prices for the above 3 bows.
Top bow:  64" 38# RH Shrike Bolivian rosewood riser,  cherry veneers,bamboo core.  600.00
2nd bow:  64"  63#  RH Shrike Bolivian rosewood riser, woven carbon back, cherry belly  675.00
3rd bow:  64"" 49.5# RH Shrike Chechen riser, Woven carbon back,   juniper belly.  675.00
I also have a 62" 53# RH Shrike with chechen/birds eye maple riser, cherry veneers,  SOLD

My June 2017 Ontario bear killed with my 60" 49# Kodiak grip River Runner.

My April 2017 Local Minnesota turkey taken with my retro Kodiak River Runner and a Drifter string tracker.


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