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Chad Holm
Brainerd, MN 56401

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Welcome to my Stock bow page.  I will try to keep it updated.  Here's how it works.   I will post 4-5 pictures of the same bows (3-4 at a time)  After the final picture, I will list the specs and the price.  You will need to scroll down through the pictures to get to the Specs and price.  Then I will post 4-5 pictures of the next set of bows and list the specs and price of those bows after the final picture.  Call or email if you have questions.  Thanks,  Chad

I'm really excited about the new 58" Static recurve, I'm now offering.  This is the quietest recurve model I've built to date and I've built several different models over the years.  It will draw 30" as well.

I am now offering my longbow models with a double shelf and/or double string grooves.  I call it the Switch Hitter option.  This makes for a very versatile bow.  By putting a shelf above and below, the shelf can be cut to center.  Not the case when you put both shelves above the grip.  This bow allows you to share it with a spouse, child or friend that needs less poundage and or shoots the opposite hand.  It allows you to shoot less poundage for targets then hunting.  It also allows a strictly right handed or left handed shooter to shoot fingers but also play around with the thumb release.

I tiller these bows even and they can be shot three under or split.  The idea of having two different nocking points for right and left handed shooting allows the shooter to tune nock height for both hands.  Having the shelves both above the grip only allows for one nock point and that assumes that the shooter shoots identical with both hands.      

The only down sides to this bow is there is no flexibility in grip style/shape.  It has to be a low grip and symmetrical.  There is a little more bulk in the tips which adds a small amount of extra mass which can rob a small amount of speed.  The bow comes with two different strings.

Pay Pal is chad@holmmadetraditionalbows.com  Mailing address is above.

1st set of bows (longbows)

Top bow above:  62", 41.5#, RH Goshawk longbow, Tamerind/Bubinga/Ebony riser, Spalted Tamerind limb veneers  SOLD

2nd Bow above:  64/66"  47/43# Dual Shelf/ Double nocks Shrike longbow,  Chechen/Birds Eye Maple riser, Myrtle limb veneers. 2 strings  750.00

Bottom bow:  60" 55# RH Osprey longbow.  Bolivian Rosewood Lazy S riser, American Elm limbs.  650.00

Top Bow: 66"/48#, 64"/53# RH Shrike Take down  Bocote/G10 riser,  Mango limbs, double nocks  800.00
Middle Bow:  64", 49# RH Goshawk  Chechen riser, Mango limbs    700.00
Bottom Bow:  66", 44# RH Shrike  Taberind/ Bubinga riser, Tamerind limbs.  SOLD

August 2020 Oklahoma double on night hogs.

April 2020 Quarantine Bird.

God blessed me with another opportunity in MN.  Thanks John Beard for the Douglas Fir arrows!  October 2019

September 2019
We ain't as good as we once was, but once in a while were as good as we ever were.


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