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Stock Bows

Welcome to my Stock bow page.  I will try to keep it updated.  Here's how it works.   I will post 4-5 pictures of the same bows (3-4 at a time)  After the final picture, I will list the specs and the price.  You will need to scroll down through the pictures to get to the Specs and price.  Then I will post 4-5 pictures of the next set of bows and list the specs and price of those bows after the final picture.  Call or email if you have questions.  Thanks,  Chad

********I am on the look out for a bolt action rifle preferably in .243 caliber for the kids and I.  Let me know about a trade.********

Top bow:  65" 54# RH Srike longbow.  Rosewood/osage/phenolic riser,  Canarywood veneers.  SOLD
Bottom bow:  59"  54#  RH osprey longbow.  Chechen/Leopardwood/rosewood riser,  Spalted Tamerind veneers  675.00

Top bow:  Osprey longbow RH  58" 40#  Bubinga riser  Spalted Tamerind veneers,  Gray action maple core  675.00
2nd bow:  Osprey longbow RH  60" 47#   Bolivian Rosewood/Granadillo riser  Spalted Tamerind veneers  700.00
3rd bow:  Osprey longbow RH  60 44#  Shedua/ cocobolo dymondwood riser, Spalted Tamerind veneers  675.00
4th bow:  Osprey longbow RH  59" 47#  Osage riser, curly walnut veneers  625.00

Top bow:  62" 40# Shrike longbow, RH, thumbrest ,  Bocote riser, Bocote veneers  650.00
2nd bow:  62" 48.5# Goshawk longbow  RH  Zebrawood riser, African Olivewood  veneers  675.00
3rd bow:  58" 54#  River Runner recurve  RH  Mozambique/ Bubinga  riser  Spalted Tamerind veneers  SOLD
Bottom bow:  56" 50#  River Runner Kodiak, RH  Shedua/Bolivian Rosewood riser, Cherry veneers  SOLD

Shipping is about 30.00.  If you choose Pay Pal for your payment there is a 3% fee.  Checks work best :)

Short billed arher's caps.  Embroidered. Olive or Charcoal   23.00 shipped

My Wisconsin Turkey taken on 5-13-18 on our leased property.  Love the cabin!

Got lucky on 4/22/18 in Minnesota.  This one zigged into my arrow when he should have zagged.  :)

My June 2017 Ontario bear killed with my 60" 49# Kodiak grip River Runner.

My April 2017 Local Minnesota turkey taken with my retro Kodiak River Runner and a Drifter string tracker.

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