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Welcome to my Stock bow page.  I will try to keep it updated.  Here's how it works.   I will post 4-5 pictures of the same bows (3-4 at a time)  After the final picture, I will list the specs and the price.  You will need to scroll down through the pictures to get to the Specs and price.  Then I will post 4-5 pictures of the next set of bows and list the specs and price of those bows after the final picture.  Call or email if you have questions.  Thanks,  Chad

I'm really excited about the new 58" Static recurve, I'm now offering.  This is the quietest recurve model I've built to date and I've built several different models over the years.  It will draw 30" as well.

******If I don’t respond within a day to a voice message or email, try again.  I have had some technical difficulties lately with my messages,  thanks.

2019 on the prairie has been good to me again.  Another nice Pronghorn.  I built the bow in late Augest for the September hunt, as I wanted to take an animal with the new 58" Static.  This one is a green glass 49#er.  I matched it up with a Bear vintage leather top quiver that I adapted with Great Northern straps and new grippers.  For arrows I chose Easton Green Game Getters toped with Zwickey Deltas.  I have decided to sell the bow with or without the quiver/arrows as I just dont have room in my bow stable and i want to help fund the trip.  Bow is 600.00 alone or 750.00 for the whole kit. (Bow, 3 strings, quiver and arrows).

God blessed me with another opportunity in MN.  Thanks John Beard for the Douglas Fir arrows!  2019

1st set of bows

Top bow:  58"  43.5# RH Static Recurve  Rosewood/Yew/Maple riser, Canarywood veneers.  SOLD
2nd Bow:  58"  45#  RH Carbon Static recurve   Rosewood/Bubinga riser  Carbon/Myrtle limb veneers  700.00
3rd Bow:  58" 49#  RH  Static recurve  Zebrawood/Rosewood riser,  Green glass limbs,  Beavertail grip  Used one month on Antelope hunt.  600.00
Bottom bow:  58" 51#  RH Static recurve,  Chechen/Rosewood riser,  Spalted Mango veneers   700.00

2nd set of bows

Top bow:  Locket Socket takedown

Top bow:  60" 46#  RH Locket SocketTakedown Osprey longbow, Chechen/Dymondwood riser, Myrtle veneers.  650.00
Middle Bow:  62", 40#  RH Goshawk longbow  Bubinga/Chechen riser, (Thumbrest has been removed and area refinished)
 Yew veneers.  650.00
Bottom Bow:  60" 47# RH Osprey longbow.  Blackwood/Rosewood riser, Tamerind veneers   700.00

3rd set of bows.

Top bow:  66" 48# RH Shrike longbow  Bolivian Rosewood riser, Curly Ash limb veneers.  Thumbrest.  625.00
Middle Bow:  63" 55# RH Goshawk longbow  Bocote/Osage riser, Stained Elm limb veneers.  650.00
Bottom Bow:  60" 46# RH Osprey longbow   Bolivian rosewood riser, Spalted Tamerind limb veneers  675.00

4th set of bows:

Top Bow:  60" 53# RH Kodiak River runner Recurve, thumbrest, curly mystery wood, bubinga, zebrawood riser tiger myrtle limb veneers.  675.00
Bottom Bow:  61" 51# RH takedown Osprey longbow. Birds eye Maple/Bol. Rosewood/G10 riser, Beavertail, Dark tiger Myrtle veneers on limb back, lighter       Tiger Myrtle on belly.  750.00

5th set of bows.

Top bow: LH 60" 46# Osprey longbow Bolivian Rosewood riser, Yew core and veneers.  650.00
2nd bow:  RH 59" 41.5# Osprey longbow  Osage riser with beavertail,  angle cut actionwood veneers  625.00
3rd bow:  RH 60" 55# Osprey longbow.  Bolivian Rosewood riser American Elm limbs.  650.00
4th bow:  RH 58" 46.5# Static tip recurve.  Bubinga/Zebrawood riser, Spalted Myrtle limb veneers.  675.00

2018 15" Pronghorn

Got lucky on 4/22/18 in Minnesota.  This one zigged into my arrow when he should have zagged.  :)

My June 2017 Ontario bear killed with my 60" 49# Kodiak grip River Runner.

My April 2017 Local Minnesota turkey taken with my retro Kodiak River Runner and a Drifter string tracker.

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