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Chad Holm
1840 DeRosier Rd
Brainerd, MN 56401

(320) 360 4479

Welcome to my Stock bow page.  I will try to keep it updated.  Here's how it works.   I will post 4-5 pictures of the same bows (3-4 at a time)  After the final picture, I will list the specs and the price.  You will need to scroll down through the pictures to get to the Specs and price.  Then I will post 4-5 pictures of the next set of bows and list the specs and price of those bows after the final picture.  Call or email if you have questions.  Thanks,  Chad

I'm really excited about the new 58" Static recurve, I'm now offering.  This is the quietest recurve model I've built to date and I've built several different models over the years.  It will draw 30" as well.

  Short Sleeve sizes available  M (3), L (9), XL (6), XXL (6)
Long Sleeve Sizes Available  M(1), L(5), XL(3), XXL(3)
Short Sleeves are 24.00 shipped.  Long Sleeves are 28.00 Shipped.  Soft poly/cotton blend.
Pay Pal is chad@holmmadetraditionalbows.com  Mailing address is above.

1st set of bows (recurves)

Top bow above:  56", 34.5# RH River Runner Recurve, Bolivian Rosewood riser, Osage limbs  700.00

2nd Bow above:  56", 54.5# RH River Runner Recurve, Bolivian Rosewood riser, Osage limbs  700.00

3rd Bow above:  58" 47#  RH  River Runner Static Recurve,  Shedua/Hickory riser, Mango limbs  SOLD

Bottom bow above:  58" 41.5#, RH River Runner Static recurve,  Bocote/Hickory riser, Myrtle veneers SOLD

2nd set of bows (longbows)

Top bow above:  63" 55# RH Goshawk longbow, Bocote/Osage riser, Stained Elm limb veneers  625.00

2nd Bow above:  64/66"  45/40# Dual Shelf/ Double nocks Shrike longbow,  Chechen riser, Mango limb veneers. 2 strings  SOLD

3rd Bow above:  60" 46# RH Osprey Take down longbow.  Chechen/Dymondwood riser, Myrtle veneers (bow has composite sleeve take down) SOLD

4th bow above:  60" 55# RH Osprey longbow.  Bolivian Rosewood Lazy S riser, American Elm limbs.  650.00

back veneers

belly veneers

Above Bow:  60", 41# RH river Runner Recurve Zebrawood/IPE riser, Chechen back veneers, Mango belly veneers  SOLD

April 2020 Quarantine Bird.

God blessed me with another opportunity in MN.  Thanks John Beard for the Douglas Fir arrows!  October 2019

September 2019
We ain't as good as we once was, but once in a while were as good as we ever were.


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